Spiritual Coming Out?

More than ever my words resonate with my mood these days. It feels like parts of me are dying. Each day a little bit more. Going deep & deeper. Layer after layer. Coming closer to me. To my golden seed.
January 13, 2020
« How bold one gets when one is sure of being loved »

once Freud said.

Jen Pastiloff reminded me of it.


















Higher good

Those are NO woo-woo expressions to me.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

Yet it feels like a coming out.

Out of the spiritual closet.

From a safe & rich inner world, into a cold & judging place.

Where often we praise rationalism & hustle, but make fun of spiritual choices. Whatever they may look like for you. Or me.

I am an educated woman.

I studied, got me some more certifications & trainings.

Speak several languages.

Most people could label me as « intellectual » I guess.

But I don’t have to mention those fancy titles to get anyone’s approval for considering me as a precious soul.

A light. A massive energy in a material vessel we call body.

I discovered tarot decks when I was 9. I was very serious about it & my mom always encouraged me to be me.

Follow my heart. There was a time when I lost this connection. To my inner wisdom. Thought it was maybe silly.


Too woo-woo.

Too much.

Not enough.

I was lucky that my inner wisdom is very much into me.

I will show Neyla that it is absolutely ok to believe in those « things ». That if her friends will judge (real friends don’t judge by the way. They discuss different opinions & accept them) her or me for being us, that if they will make fun of us, we will show compassion.

It takes a lot courage to be human.

To be your SELF.

To shine it out to the world.

To deal with people who can’t bare you keeping them the mirror close.

We all are connected.

I am pretty sure that if you would mute the noise around you, ignore opinions of the hypocritical society, you could feel the love.

You would see beauty.


Not competitive ego-driven machines thriving for fake consent.

We all crave connection.

I will walk my talk.

Make my voice be heard.

My energy be felt.

Encourage Neyla to be her. As mom did and still does for me.

Freud was right.

Marc, my love, thank you for being one of the fuels of my boldNESS.

Don't dim to fit in.



Written July 2019