I am more than the labels you put on me

This words were written august 2018. I've told you....watch me! And look what happened since then....Never ever give up on your SELF!
March 21, 2020
Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

Brene Brown


They seem to define us.

Put labels on us.

Help others to get us.

But…they really don’t.

I need to write this down.

Because it has been too long since I have written a thing.

I’m struggling.

I wonder.

If those words will ever be able to give you an inside of my inner realm.

I hesitate, because actually english is not my language.

Says who?


They tried to define me.

Back in school.

Told me how to write. Or don’t.

Limited me at one precise language.

Closing so many doors without considering what I was thinking about.

What my dreams were about.

What my vision could possibly be.

I’m not a professional journalist or writer.

I mean- I never studied it.

But what I have is an unconditional love for words.

So, what I like to do is take them on adventure.

Play with them and see what comes out of it.

I love words because they make me feel alive.

Crazy things I like to do:  

Write. Raw and uncut. The most authentic version of myself.  

Write very short sentences since I decided that I was more than a french teacher.

That I don’t need to have the perfect or fancy style to touch reader’s heart.

That I can be a cool person even if I’m not writing like Proust or Baudelaire.

Because as you easy guessed, well - I’m not them!

Open a book & pick a random quote. Makes me reflect and go deeper.

Listen to inspiring podcasts.

Read several books at the same time.

Including quotes to my own writings.

Open my heart wide open to authentic humans.

Who dare to tell their stories.

Even if it means that they could be hurt.

Vulnerability is such a deep, beautiful thing.

And by the way:  sexy!

What I’d like to give (Because I learnt that it is such a beautiful gift to share passion & love in a world where people seem to have lost their kindness somehow):  

I could give you shortcuts by telling my story.


Personal feedbacks.

I could share.

Books & persons I might have crushes for.

Write about those who gave me and still give me power and motivation to go on and trust the process called Life.

My vision is to empower women.

That we elevate each other. Inspire each other.

Words that describe me?

At the end of the day, I may be a lot.




Lost in my madness and crazy in love with all those precious projects still locked up in my soul.


At the end of the day: I AM

More than words.

More than any label could ever be able to sum up.

Will you get me?

Will you feel me?

I welcome you in this journey of mine.

Welcome in my wild heart.

August 2018